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Older Dating: The Differences At This Stage

Older Dating: The Differences At This Stage


There are many differences in the dating game once you get older. Things that you may have valued or expected when you were younger you don’t really value anymore, or their value has diminished. When you are younger it is not so much how much you like a certain person, but how everyone else will see them.  

People will swear up and down that they make their own decisions when it comes to their choice of who they will date, but believe me; people want to feel like their mate has value to other people or that other people desire them. It makes them feel better that they were able to snag the particular individual. Here are two big contributing factors that are no longer as big a factor to you as they were when you were younger. 

Your co-workers: 

This is probably truer with women then with anyone, but when you are younger people seem to put so much more weight on rather their social circle likes you. This social circle is comprised of many different people who for the most part can make or break a person’s decision as it concerns dating you. Women for example may meet a guy and immediately run him through the gauntlet of approval to see how her co-workers take to him. When people get older the same thing won’t be much of a factor. Usually most of your co-workers will already have significant others and won’t have the time to be into your personal life. So parading a person around your co-workers will just look immature at an older age.  

Friends and family: 

Once again this is probably truer of women then it is guys. But friends and family play such a big role in determining rather or not you will date someone it is scary. I don’t know why it is people give so much power over to other people who may or may not have their best interest at heart. With older dating your friends and family do not play such a large role in your dating decisions, they may want to know who you are seeing just so they can know if there is a possibility of marriage. The same friends may have openly made fun of your choice of spouse when they were in their twenties. 

As you can see the theme here is that with older dating the same problems you may have come up on will not be as big anymore, mainly because you will not value the opinions of others anymore as much as you did, if your girlfriends tell you a guy is a dork you will look at their failed relationships or marriages and just do what you’re going to do, with men if your friends make fun of your love interest you look at their failed marriages and relationships and you ignore their advice. Life is always the best teacher, once life has taught you some lesson then you are ready to decide for yourself what you want instead of having to get the green light from others.